Gather your media and use our website to estimate the cost of your order. Print and place your estimate with your order.

To get your order to us, you can:

•  Drop your order off at our studio in Stonington, CT or one of our partnering drop off locations in CT & RI;

•  Schedule a pick-up from your home or workplace in CT & RI;

•  Ship your order to us.

Once you have submitted your estimate, you will receive an email with instructions on scheduling your pick up or shipping your order.




Upon arrival to our studio, we will:

• Send you a confirmation of the contents with a sales order;

• Call you with any questions, discrepancies or where requested when ordering;

• Label all items with your order number and last name.

From there, our expert team will process your order and get busy digitizing those memories.

Upon completion, we will contact you for payment and arrange the return of your order.




You will receive your media in a format you can view for years to come, along with your originals.

Don’t forget to share the digitized versions with your friends and family! You can share them by:

• Attaching the files to an e-mail or sending them copies of flash drives or DVDs;

• Sharing the files via Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive or;

• Tag them on Facebook or Instagram.

If you would like to add to your order with extra copies, a slideshow, video memoir or photo book we keep your files for 90-days and extend a 10% off if you do so in that timeframe.

Do you need help or have any questions?

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We Pick Up & Deliver in CT & RI

We make it easy and convenient to get your order to us by picking up order from homes, offices and out partnering drop-off locations across Connecticut and Rhode Island.


What do you digitize?

All analog media including; video and audio tapes; film and audio reels; documents and scrapbooks; photo prints, negatives and slides. We also offer data transfer from legacy media storage such as floppy disk, SD cards and compact discs.

What Is the Ordering Process?
  1. After placing your order on our website, you will pay 25% of your estimate.
  2. Based on your location, you will choose:
    • A pick up from the convenience of your home or one of our pick up locations in CT & RI
    • Drop off your order at our studio in Stonington, CT.
    • Securely ship your order to us. Please see our Tips on Shipping your order here.
  3. Once your order is safely in our studio, we will verify in an email what we have received and inform you of any discrepancies at this time. If you have selected that you wish to have a discussion regarding your order, this is also when we will call to discuss it with you.
  4. Our estimated turn-around time from receiving your order is 2-weeks. This will of course, depend on the quantity in your order. If longer, this will be communicated.
  5. Once your order is complete, you will be charged the remainder of your order.
  6. Depending on your selection you will be emailed that your order is ready to be collected from our studio or pick up location; delivered to your house or that it has shipped.
How long will my order take?

Our average turn-around time is 2 weeks from receiving your order in our studio. Of course, this depends on the size of your order and we will communicate with you whether your order will take longer.

Do I get my original media back?

Absolutely! Of course, you do not have to have to have it back if you do not want to! We do have an option for us to hold your media for 1 month after your receive your digitized files and we then dispose of it for you. Some customers decide not to receive their original media back to save cost on their shipping with the comfort of knowing, we hold all customer files for 6-months before deletion, as standard practice and free of charge.

What separates you from your competition?

Our customer reviews confirm we understand, care and strongly feel customer service is imperative to our business. We are family-owned and operated with deep roots in our community, therefore our reputation is important to us and that expands to our greater community, across the country.