Organizing your tapes, film and photos

Organizing your tapes, film and photos

At Charter Oak Scanning we understand how precious your memories are and keep careful track of each one of your items every step of the way. 

When you send or drop-off your analog media, whether it’s tapes, film, slides or photos, we first go through each of your items to count, organize and label each one with your name, order number and number of that item.

If you know the content of your tapes or film, you can label the outside of each tape or box and we will use that label as the title of the video file we produce. If you would like your videos in a certain order, you may find it easiest to number each one on the outside and we will follow the order that you have indicated.

If your tapes are not labeled and you don’t know what is on them, not to worry! We will number and label every item and you can easily rename your digital videos or film when you view them.

We use the same process for slides and photos. If you have slides in carousels or boxes you can may add  a label to the outside of the box if there isn’t one already. Any label or information written on the box will be used to name the folder that contains the slides in that box.

If you have photos, in can be helpful to organize them into groups and place each group in a labeled envelope or plastic bag. We will use that label to name the folder that includes those photos.

If you haven’t grouped your photos or labeled your slides, not to worry! We will number any bags or boxes and create folders with corresponding numbers. Once you have your digital photos it is easy to rename or organize your memories as you view them.